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Axiom: /aksēəm/ A statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.


released January 30, 2015

Written, Performed, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Joshua Kohns*



all rights reserved


KOHNS Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Is Anyone Else Afraid?
When the wind rolls in you've got a way of staying cool
And I don't know you and you don't know me
And this is causing us to see
Pennies on the beach and I've got three
I've got this open cut on my knee
And you seem to care and that seems refreshing
But I don't dare
To be

To be the man I was
To be afraid dust
To be afraid of love
To crucify the lust

Is Anyone else afraid?
Or should I take this to my grave?
And be

Oh, I know you can't trust the shouters
It's giving them their power
Power of fear
But I want truth
I want to stand and thank the youth
Not for the love of the fame
But for the hatred of the game

Why don't you hear us, why don't you believe us?
We've got the boldest souls of the nation
And yet we're still afraid of losing all the fame
Or should we cope out for the game
And live our lives in solitude
Hiding in our rooms

Oh, is anyone else afraid?
Or should I take this to my grave
And be

Be the man I was
Be afraid of dust
Be afraid of love
Crucify the lust
Let the rust set in
Wipe off the grin
Think of all your kin
And who you wish you'd been

Well I think it's fucked
That's what I think
I just want to tell you all these things that I know now
But I knew them then
I just wasn't ready to face the wind
But now I'm ready
I'm ready to face the wind
Oh Dad I'm ready!
I'm ready to face the wind
Not gonna save face to win
Oh, I'm gonna face the wind....
Track Name: Landslide Feels
I see the rain over the mountains
And there won't be no running away
And if the sky keeps on dumping
Well then there won't be no escape

Cause the longer I run well the harder I fall
And it's a slippery slope but my backs against the wall
The landslide is coming. It's just a matter of when
And I'll not make it in the end

Perhaps the horizon will stay constant
And I can just stay put
But I can't believe I'd be so lucky
Cause that's not how's this is gonna work
One thing is I feel blessed
The Love I've seen has passed the test
If this will seal my fate
Well then with that I'll be okay.

The longer I run well the harder I fall
And it's a slippery slope but my backs against the wall
The landslide is coming, It's just a matter of when...
And I'll not make it in the end

Well I know I'm doomed
So I sit here in this tomb
And lie and wait
For the rain
Track Name: Destination
Well I crossed the wide trail for you my dear
And I won't be afraid if the world comes near
Train I rides got wheels but no tracts
No obstacles that keeps me from coming back

To you. To you.
The destinations's set
Oh the fuel, fuel is loves first breathe
And I know I can't explain the reason I'm upset
I just want to come back home.

Well I said a few things I didn't mean
Actually I did, but they were too mean
How did we get so off track
If you were my compass and I was your map

To you. To you.
The destinations's set
Oh the fuel, fuel is loves first breathe
And I know I can't explain the reason I'm upset
I just want to come back home.

We don't see eye to eye
The reasons we will get by
Is we forgive and forget..

To you. To you.
The destinations's set
Oh the fuel, fuel is loves first breathe
And I know I can't explain the reason I'm upset
I just want to come back home.
Track Name: I CaN't DeCide
We talk that way it makes us feel so small
My world is curling up and in ball
And I'm trying, I'm trying but I'm afraid of love
And all I want to do is give up
You kiss my neck but it feel like a punch
You're trying to be gentle but you're sucking my blood
And both of us are recovering from nothing at all
The time that it takes is taking too long

Girl, you can't fake the smile you wear
Without being reminded I'm no longer there
You keep breathing and I'll keep singing
We will be swimming but really we're sinking
The trail isn't over and we're not in denver
The mountains aren't keeping us in
The river is flowing down to the basin

We walk away, it makes us feel ok
The moment we complete our great escape
Well you're driving back north east. I'm driving west
Away from Michigan and the rest of the midwest
Where prices are high but emotions are low
And if I wait one more year well, I'll never go
And I have to leave now, or I'll die
Sitting on my front porch watching the sky line

I will be breathing and I'll keep singing
I will be swimming but never sinking
I'm not far away, just a hour from L.A.
The mountains aren't keeping us out
I've never really fallen in love with a town.

And all I have to say is don't forget
About the world we had when we first met
The lights are going down and the city is warm
Just take my hand and we'll head home
But a nomadic heart will never be satisfied
And if you can't handle this well I'm not your guy
And I tried it on and it's about the right size
The only real problem is is I can't decide.
Track Name: Dear My Love
If you had asked me that same question two years ago
It might not be the same as it is today.
The years are churning and my eyes are burning
And the chance of restoration is growing slim.
The outside forces are breaking in
And my love for you is growing thin.
But honestly, "How can I give it away?"
Dear my love, we've got a few more steps to take.
So what is it that you see in him.

The cars are passing like they don't know we're there
And that is how it's come to be with us.
You know that I know that this is how we grow
So I might give you some space.
If that's what you need

The world outside your window is breaking in
And I see the scary shapes and I want to run
But the best years we'll have have yet to come
And I wonder if that's who you are?
You and I are the last of our kind
So should we keep it to ourselves
And stay in doors and hope that all these storms
Are just the rhythm being kept on the glass

Well babe, I got to say; "You look nice today,
I'm not really sure how I've missed it"
All my words are coming up null and void
And only God knows how I missed you
God only knows how I've missed you
God only knows how I miss you.
Track Name: Fame Grows Dark
I took voice classes when I was younger
They said I had more charisma and I was stronger
Than everyone else, I had what it takes
I've signed more autographs then I can remember
And all of the ladies wanted my number
But I never did a thing or had to try
They always called me cute or said I caught their eye

But when the fame grows dark
and I have lost my spark
Please don't judge me
On my tragedy

Cause there's always more to count
and I have to give the account of what I've done to someone...
But not to you

Well, I may be the king of the concrete
I've got that ol' spring in my step that they're envying
but at the end of the day I've lost who I am
I try to find my sell worth in who they say I am
I am worlds away from who I want to be
the crashing of this freight train sounds pretty good to me

When I try to speak
The words aren't coming out, just mumbling
I'm really afraid cause me, my self and I are getting in the way
I tried, I tried to take on the world
But it's taking me alive

I can't do this alone for I am at the end of my rope
I've gotta work for the greater good
And put yawl first like I knew I should

So when you call me expect no other
Imperfect, discouraged brother
And I will do the same
And we can bless each other in exchange
But when the fame grows dark
And I have lost my spark
I hope I've done my part
sharing the love with faint of heart
Track Name: Highnoon
I will meet you there at highnoon
With my gun at my side and my shoulders heavy
If you can't meet me at highnoon
I will come hunt you down and never let you forget it

All those trains in the night
We'll hear them in the morning
Calling out your name "Run Away"
All those trains in the night
They don't know your story
Of courage and fame, it's all in vain

Well time will turn it's weary head
And timeless will be left for dead
Underneath the American backdrop of Michigan

Don't be afraid of the follies of your ways
For if you can't be a man
Hide behind your silly plans
Make your threats and demands
And chase away your friends again

I will meet you there next year
If the plan goes well and the harvest is fruitful
If you can't meet me halfway
Then tear down my bed and leave me for dead

I hear trains in the night
The sound of which awake me out of deep sleep
But I'm still dreaming...
Of trains in the night dethroned from railways
Making their marks in the country side

My time here on this earth is much more than I deserve
I take my walk and observe the irony of self worth

I won't be afraid of the follies of my way
For if I can't be a man I'll hide behind my silly plans
Make my threats and demands
Chase away my friends again

Yes, I can make it there
If you can see me through...
Track Name: Emerson
It's been two years and I don't hear you
Pounding at my door
Kisses have gone cold and they don't come around no more
How long will this candle burn now
Now that the wax has run
You and I have see the lie
and we've put it into song

It's been too long now and I can't hear your voice amongst the crowd
But I have found peace in my current state of being
How long will this story drag on?
I was bored before it began
I am sick of hearing my own voice
Illustrating a narrative of how I became a man

Notice me, I am empty
Notice me, I'm full again

I made a move a few years back
The choice which lead me to where I am today
But "life is a journey, not a destination"
Emerson, I forget to listen to what you say
How long will my room stay empty
But my mind stay full
Sometimes I forget to party but stay at home,
Stay alone and blame it on the cold

One full lap around me and you will see me in 3D
Passers by, well, they will perceive me as angry
Stop now, hold all these rambles
Can you feel your heart beat?
If the answers yes then you are still living
Simplify, realign, and stick to what you seek.
Track Name: Careless and Calling Names
I don't want to be careless and calling names
I don't want to be afraid of the wasted days
I don't want to seem different to the knees
Different along the street
Careless and calling names

This is lame
Cause I know that winds will change
In daylight we look the same
And we're carving names down along the caves

I wish I could always at a constant pace
But now I hide naked and ashamed

You're causing wreckage but I know it's ok...

All I ever wanted was for love to live
Branching along the shift
Given the option if
Living the dying drift
Open but cautious
Dollar for dollar gift
Dancing in the mist
Feeling the power of his
Walking the straight line
Drifting through the time
All along marginalize
I try damn hard to tell no lie
Aimless and calling names

I don't want to be careless and calling names
Track Name: Until the Trumpets...
Take my hand in yours cause I will be around
When the clouds are rolling; the storm is coming
Love still looks the same when the earth stop turning
When walls are coming down the ocean's drying

Tell me every word, I don't want to miss a fraise
or a moment here with you my love
When will there be time for us to come
Run the mower, do the wash read the paper.

I know we'll head home when the trumpet blows
When the trumpet blows
We'll no longer dig in the dirt when the trumpets heard
When the trumpets heard
But until then or death I'll be with you

Words only last a moment but a promise lasts forever
I've got a real good one for you, you can keep it
Darlin' we've got time, I've got a plan,
I've got a moment here with you
We've got forever....